A Preliminary Schedule for 2016 CUDP





August 15

Full day


Worldhotel Grand Jiaxing Hunan

August 16
August 17

Full day

The Opening Ceremony

    1. New-Type Urbanization and Eco-City Construction in China

    2. Experience & Examples of Eco-City Planning and Practice

    3. Comparison of Urbanization Processes in the U.S. and China

    4. Green Transport and Integrated Transport System

    5. Latest Development of Smart City Construction

    6. Livable &Sustainable Cities Development and Transition

    7. Water System Planning and Water Ecological Restoration

    8. Development and Protection of Historical and Cultural Cities

    9. Theory and Cases of Ecological Restoration &City Repair

    10. The Urban Comprehensive Utility Tunnel Design, Construction and Management

    11. Sponge City Planning and Construction

    12. "Integration of Multi-type Urban Plans" Method, Implementation, Management and Innovation

    13. City Underdeveloped Areas Greening Practices and Innovation

    14. Addressing Climate Change Ways and Experiences in Cities

    15. Urban Planning Construction Management Reform and Innovation

    16. Cities Integrated Law Enforcement Reform and Innovation

    17. Rural Planning Construction Management and Industrial Innovation

Note: If any of the above mentioned is changed, please see the actual arrangements of that day.